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Wednesday 26th November 2008, 6:48pm
Joe D.! You thinkin what I'm thinkin? AarWich-November 26, 2008 Since June I have been saying that “Joe Dumars needs to be a player in the 2010 free agent auction.” Dumars is a highly respected GM through-out the NBA, and for you saposid basketball enthusiasts who say Detroit isn't a “big market,” you need to do your homework. The Pistons organization is right on track as one of the prime players in the LaBron James sweep steaks. However, honestly, I believe LaBron wants to play in New York, and thats fine. I would rather have Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade or Amare Stoudemire. Wouldn't you? This is Joe's plan. I guaranty it. Look at the facts, A.I. and his 22 million come off the books after this season along with Sheed's 13.7 million. Also Rip's 11.4 mil. is erased after next season, and if Brown and Johnson don't improve you can bet they won't be resigned. With that extra 7.8 mil we have a total of about 55 million off the books. Now, factor in the re-signing of Sharp and Bynum, and extending Stuckey and Afflalo. Plus, keep in mind, at least one or two roster spots will be filled by '08-'10 draft picks (not including Walter Sharp). Also, '09 free agent market is weak when you consider Kobe and A. Bynum won't leave L.A. and if Boozer leaves Utah, he's going home to Miami. So who ever we pick up to fill the voids, will receive one year contracts or minimal cash. Of course you offer these fine athletes a plethora of cabbage to play next to Rip, Tay and Stuckey in the hopes of winning a 'ship in 2009. If you can land a guy like Boozer, locating in Detroit looks that much more appealing if your Wade, Stoudemire, Bosh, or even LaBron James. In short, I believe Joe Dumars and the Detroit Pistons will make a big splash in the free agent market and continue to be a force in NBA. Possible line-ups in 2010 (projected salary cap = 64.7million) bench- Bynum-1.5mil, Sharp-1.5mil, Afflalo-2mil, Maxiell-5mil. +3mil.=13 mil. starters- 1.) Stuckey-2.8mil, Wade-19mil, Prince-11mil, Boozer-17mil, center-1.9mil. -Detroit might look appealing to Wade with this line-up and 20 million. *2.) Stuckey, Afflalo, Prince, Bosh-18mil, Stoudemire-17mil. -Sign one and another will follow. Would be one of the best front courts ever. 3.) Stuckey, McGrady-16mil, Prince, Bosh, center-4mil. -McGrady wants a championship. I'll bet if Bosh signs first, T-Mac will sign for 12mil. 4.) Stuckey, Afflalo, Prince, Stoudemire, Nowitzki-13mil. -leaves 6 mil. for bench -Like McGrady, Dirk is running out of time. feel free to play along at home...
john leone
Friday 31st October 2008, 1:55pm
Well I guess the Max deal should put you at ease now that its been settled. to me he still has a lot to prove. In hindsight we could have locked up mehmet okur for around the same amount of money. Who would you rather have now? By the way, in your 2nd sentence you confuse me as to wether its max's 4th or 5th season.

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Pistons trade rumor posted on 01/04/2010

The Detroit Pistons are in preliminary trade talks with the Minnesota Timber wolves. Players include; Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Maxiell, and draft pick from Detroit. Al Jefferson along with Brian Cardinal and Mark Blounts expiring contracts from Minnesota. More to come...

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THE RIP & TAY WAITING GAME posted on 07/21/2009

At this point, unless Joe is offered a trade he can't refuse, I think the plan is to wait until the deadline to trade Rip.

Rip's value is very low right now given his contract, age, and league wide perception that he's unhappy & expendable do to the Flash Gordon pick-up. So if Rip shows off his versatility as a SG/SF swing man along w/ his ability to still play at a high level, he will be MUCH more valuable by the deadline. Also keep in mind all the expiring contracts that will be bait in a trade come February. Big Ben will most likely be a one year contract along w/ a PG signing (Jeremy Pargo or a Vet). Include Brown & Bymun, suddenly Detroit becomes a valuable trade partner. Plus you have to assume there will be more quality players available in a scramble to make one more move before the summer of 2010, save $ or snag that one guy who gets you over the proverbial hump

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Jerebko heats up like a hot Summers, Daye posted on 07/16/2009

Leading into this years Las Vegas Summer League, post-draft whimpers continued to echo through the alleys of Detroit. Poverty stricken Piston fans were still baffled by yet another night of head scratching picks.

Too thin, too short and too...who in gods name is this white kid from Sweden? Why didn't we move up to get Earl Clark? Why didn't we pick up Ty Lawson? Why won't Joe just listen to us fans for once?

Well, if this week's Summer League performances are any indication of how these three young forwards will play in the NBA, the future is bright and Joe D has pulled off the impossible. He found three diamonds in the rough of a weak draft.

It's obvious to this Detroit fan that the new threesome has gelled, proving that Mr. Dumars was a draft hero - not a zero.

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AARWICH – PRIDICTIONS *REVISED July 14th, 2009 posted on 07/15/2009


May 1st, 2009

The Detroit Tigers will:

  • win the Central Devision

  • record = 92-70

  • loose to the Red Sox in the ALCS

  • * watch Inge finish w/ 40 hr's & a .289 avg

  • * watch Thames hit 12 homers after the ASB

  • * watch Granderson steal 27 bases after the ASB

  • * watch Verlander finish w/ 21 wins & 281 K's

June 1st, 2009

The Detroit Pistons will:

  • draft Earl Clark (Austin Daye if Clark's gone)

  • release 'Sheed, Dyess & AI

  • sign Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva & Brandon Bass

  • trade Rip/Tay in a 3-way trade for

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ALL KINDS OF KWAME posted on 07/03/2009

Get ready to see a lot of Kwame Brown next season. Believe it or not, there are some in the Detroit Pistons organization that feel Kwame can be a consistent starter in this league. Some believe if given a run at 30 plus minutes, Brown will become a walking double-double. Add the ability to block shots with the best of them and you have...Kwame Brown?

Obviously, the Pistons will make a move for another big man before the start of next season. However, barring a move that will bring in a true center that can rebound, block and run the floor more efficiently than Brown, you can expect to see all kinds of Kwame.

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