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Who am I?

Longtime east-coaster. Born outside the US, but then moved to Northern Virginia where I was raised through high school. Became an Atlanta Braves fan in stern opposition to the cross-Beltway Baltimore Orioles who, coincidentally, sucked most of the time.

Went to Emerson College in Boston to act and write. Graduated in May of 2007, currently live in Los Angeles and have been writing sketch comedy while working part-time jobs to pay rent. Tired of listless, unrewarding PA gigs. Huge Kobe fan too, by the way, but that really goes without saying.

I'm here to blog about my home-town "Natinals," Wiz, 'Skins, NOT the Capitals (not a hockey fan, sorry, it's just not fun to watch), my new local favorites (Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers), and any other team I feel like.

Brief description

Sketch comedy writer, sports blogger, music festival goer, boyfriend, dog lover, jersey-wearer, beer drinker

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following and writing about sports, Making people laugh, traveling


any and every sports bar, Best Western, ESPN, Nintendo Wii, reggae bands, Trader Joe's, Washington D.C.


Aggressive bums, annoying fans, Bud Selig, long lines, Maple bats, over-priced beer, punk rock, traffic

I would like to ...

and mansion; start a family with my loved one and surround myself with good people., Attain representation; write and produce comedy for television, big-screen TV, film, or the internet; buy a sweet car

Main Skills

A general sense of Smoothness, Comedy, Fitting in well, Foosball, Sports Knowledge and Blogging Ability

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