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Who am I?

Hello! I'm Sabrina and I'm a huge Detroit Pistons fan. I'm a junior at Virginia Tech, so naturally I'm obsessed with Hokie football and basketball. I absolutely love the Pistons regardless if they're winning or not. They will always be my team no matter what!

Brief description

I love the Detroit Pistons!


Detroit Pistons, NBA, playing basketball with friends, Virginia Tech football

I would like to ...

be friends with someone who actually cares and knows what I'm talking about when I get excited about the Pistons, eat at Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse in N.Y.C., find out that someone on the Pistons have read at least 1 word from my blog, go to a Pistons game, meet any of the players on the Pistons, meet NBA legends and my favorite players!

Main Skills

dunking on Lebron James.

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